"Look at me in a different role,
        Tryin' on a brand new part!
But don't you worry, baby,
        I know I'll never have a change of heart!"

The Jem Project

     Starting in 2000, an idea was created.  To celebrate the upcoming anniversary of Jem's airing and to bring her story back, a group of people decided to make a live action concert for the fans.  It started with a simple showing, and has gained much support from those that still remember Jem.

                With that support, we're working on more shows, stories, and music to continue on the Project.  Please join us in celebrating the wonderful new world of Jem.


Cast of The Jem Project 2002
          Anime North 2002 - first show
          Toronto Trek 2002
          Surprise, Surprise! - Glitter and Gold!

Cast of The Jem Project 2003 - Casting Call!

For more information, please contact Jerrica Benton at tsukino_shoujo@mindspring.com